February 2016 – Colour

The February 2016 Art Cafe Exhibit is all about Colour. Colour is the substance that pervades our everyday existence. The world we inhabit is an interesting clash of colours that we take for granted and yet the spaces we create are often drab and mono-thematic. But colour is incredible, when combined in strong vibrant ways it can create amazing imagery that energises the eyes and mind.

Green Imbued

IMG_1538Green Imbued at first impresses a sense of waves and motion but upon longer viewing it begins to reveal further depth, with the coalescing and contrasting shades allowing other imagery and impressions to form. The exploration of the many hues of jade green here makes it also simply a joy to take in as an exercise in colour.

Painted by local artist


Lost In Colour

This unusual painting seemingly draws inspiration from infra-red videography, with sombre blues contrasted with sharp bright oranges, yellows and greens, but as these heat signatures form the scene the very real person who is the focus is lost and reduced only to the elements of her heat presence, her identity being ‘lost’ in the scientific mode of viewing the world.

Painted by local artist