January 2016 – Portraiture

art wall 2The January 2016 Art Cafe Exhibit is all about Potraiture. How a person is interpreted and represented by an¬†artist is unique, the choice of medium just as much so. Maybe the medium has been chosen at random, maybe the artist believes it somehow ‘fits’ the vibe they are getting from the individual, maybe it’s just the preferred medium of the artist. Once chosen, the individual style of the artist is what will make the representation come alive, the strokes and etchings capturing the essence of the portraitee through the lens of the artists eyes.



Jane is an intriguing portrait of a women with a slightly punky look and completed in classic black and white pencil. Looking so directly at you Jane really catches your eye and emanates a defiant sentiment.

Drawn by local artist – Somebody Someone




There is something strangely sad and haunting about this portrait and yet something very normal at the same time. Malcolm seems to emerge from the shadows, as if in some dimly lit room, and at first seems ghostly until we become accustomed to it and we realise he could be any of us under some pale moon light or similar.

Painted by local artist – Somebody Someone