The Ideas Hub is a Mental Health Safe Space to support those living with mental heath and a space where Mental Health can discussed without taboo.

The Ideas Hub is also a ‘Time to Change Champion’ and volunteers are trained in Mental Health First Aid. Source:

“Around 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem this year yet the shame and silence can be as bad as the mental health problem itself”.

Our volunteers are trained to:

  • Be aware of Mental Health
  • Notice signs of distress
  • Listen and not judge
  • Treat everyone the same way
  • Ask twice

Anyone can drop in at any time the Ideas Hub is open (10am-3pm). It is a Safe Space to talk and share personal experiences if, for example, someone is experiencing a difficult moment whilst in town (such as anxiety, or a panic attack).

The ‘Parent Coffee Morning’ on Tuesdays (10am-12) supports parents whose teenagers are living with Mental health. It’s just a chat but it helps to share worries and hear the experience of others and to know you are not alone.

Anyone can join to become a Time to Change Champion: or join the Ideas Hub Time to Change champion group to work if you feel more supported working as a group. Time to Change offers training to organise events and on “how to open discussions on Mental Health”.

Case study 1

Following a severe brain injury, X is experiencing high anxiety almost consistently and everyday life actions like entering a coffee shop can be rally difficult, almost impossible. X likes to drop at the Ideas Hub because of the volunteers kindness and non-judgemental support. At times, life is full of difficult moments for everyone, something will happen in X’s life which makes X’s depression worse. X’s knows he can drop in at the Hub where someone will take time to listen

Case study 2

Z drops in ever so often when things gets too much. Being a carer is tough and sometimes you can’t take it anymore. Z has support from a carers’ group which meets once a week. But if  Z needs  a little of extra support when the group is closed, Z will drop in at the Hub for a listening ear.