Chelmsford Creative Collective seeded at the Ideas Hub in 2016 with a small group of 14 creatives, and is now a network of  1000 local creatives. It is coordinated by local artist Candy Joyce, who is also a trustee of the Chelmsford Festival.

Chelmsford Creative Collective is a local informal group of creative people (artists, musicians, theater people, makers, film people and all the rest!). We aim to explore ideas, create collaborations, promote events and support each other in creative businesses and hobbies. Meeting up on the last Tuesday of every month for a pint and a chat at a local pub.”

Many of the artists offer workshops and more. All dates and times are posted on the group Facebook Page. Please see below for two examples of workshops. The Ideas Hub supports wherever it can, such as with space, equipment, grant applications, etc.


Drink and Draw Workshop

The Drink and Draw workshop was started by Lynn Excell, a very active artist on the local scene and a member of Chelmsford Collective Creative.

“This group is for anyone over 18 years of age regardless of perceived artistic ability!
The idea is this: a monthy ‘drink and draw’ event which will be usually held at a pub on the first Tuesday of every month, 6.30pm-9.30pm. I will post the pub name prior to each event. Bring something to draw on, something to draw with, and coins/card to buy yourself a drink! Occasionally we will have a ‘Drink and Draw Crawl’ where we will sketch in various locations around Chelmsford according to a map which will be posted prior to the event. There will of course be no charge for any event. It would be great to see the results, so please feel free to post as we draw or once you have finished. Enjoy!”

The details are available on Facebook:

Life Drawing Classes

Started by Bethan Coutinho and Memory Kwada from the Ideas Hub Chelmsford, The Life Drawing Classes are now run by Candy Joyce from Chelmsford Collective Creative. The classes are very popular and exciting.

The Window Gallery

Founded by Candy Joyce on the 2nd June 2018, the Window Gallery aims to make the view from the street more interesting by giving local artists a space to display their work. The exhibition changes monthly.

To apply to exhibit your art work, please send a message to the below link. There is no fee for exhibiting.

More details are available on Facebook:

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