The Chelmsford Arts and Cultural Festival is an idea first suggested by Nick Garner: following the 2017 Festival of Ideas where ideas to address the chronic lack of arts and culture in Chelmsford were being explored and the idea of a bid for City of Culture had been discussed. The Festival, with the aim to start small and grow each year, looked like a potential solution, so the team got to work… Also see  ‘ The Art scene in Chelmsford’ in News.

A group of enthusiasts came together and made the idea a reality with the support of the “savoir-faire” of the Ideas Hub Chelmsford.  This is the perfect example of the Ideas Hub’s catalyst role in new ideas and events going from concept to reality to solve specific local issues. or

Specific Festival events organised and run by the ideas Hub:

2020 Chelmsford Arts & Cultural Festival – cancelled because of COVID19

2018 Chelmsford Arts & Cultural Festival – June 2018: “Get Chelmsford Dancing”. This was designed to bring the Chelmsford community together through dancing and was part of the Ideas Hub’s participation in the 2018 Chelmsford Festival. The project was a huge success with all generations being involved including some inter generational dancing. We were very lucky to have Regi Heybride (one of Lady Gaga’s choreography dancers) for the event. The project was funded by a £10,000 Awards for All National Lottery Grant:


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