Chelmsford History City Walks and Talks is an Ideas Hub initiative started in 2014 with the support of Pam Swaby from Chelmsford Civic society. They have been created to bring life to our local history and to appreciate the precious gems of our shared local heritage and history.

Alan Pamphilon, a local resident with a huge passion for history, has developed and grown the walks and talks over the past four years into a small business, both writing and running a variety of the local Chelmsford City History Walks and Talks.  The subjects covered have slowly increased and now include many aspects of the city and its important and unique industrial past. Recently the walks have developed into talks and these are now performed for various groups around the mid Essex area. 

Chelmsford History City Walks and Talks are very successful all year round and work very closely with the Ideas Hub Chelmsford, performing at specific events such as Chelmsford Festival and/ or writing and running talks for specific local history projects.

Open Heritage Days. In 2016 Alan Pamphilon’s historical knowledge was noticed by key members of the Chelmsford Civic Society and this led to an invitation to run Chelmsford’s Heritage Open Days, which are part of a national event that takes place each September. The purpose of the event, which is sponsored locally by the City Council, is to highlight and share our local history with talks and tours for local residents of some of our local buildings which are not normally accessible.

The Ideas Hub is developing plans to enter their own specific event developed by Young People for Heritage Open Days in Chelmsford High Street.