The Ideas Hub offers a Creative Community Space in Chelmsford centre.

‘Chelmsford Central’ is an un-parished area covering over 70,000 residents who do not have a dedicated parish-funded community space. This lack of community facility was identified by the community as a gap in 2011.  The  Ideas Hub Chelmsford, located in Meadows Shopping Centre,  is palliating  for  this need, offering: 

A welcoming befriending space, in our art gallery  where anyone can enjoy a lovely drink in a friendly, relaxing setting and/ or meet with friends or pop in  for a 1:1 chat. Whether you are looking for an information about “what’s in Chelmsford” (tourism information, support services, meeting groups, venues to hire and much more), and/or just have a casual chat with one of our wonderful volunteers and/or share and discuss your ideas (including wants and needs) for a better Chelmsford. Many of the initiatives running in Chelmsford such as the City History Walks or Chelmsford Arts and Cultural Festival were born at the ideas Hub who has also fostered life long friendships making the Ideas Hub Art cafe the best place in the City to connect and to be!

Inclusive creative workshops to support Chelmsford residents’ wellness. Creativity is the Ideas Hub’s tool to improve the wellbeing of the residents. Anyone can take part regardless of physical or / and mental health challenges or none, age and/ or culture and background. A small donation is welcome.

More specialist support service: 

                                Free professional Legal Service to support Chelmsford residents to solve issues which can create terrible worries. The Ideas hub is very lucky to be sponsored by the law firm Affordable Law For You: . You can book a free session (limited at 3 free sessions per case) with Deborah Aloba and Euzi Tofpik on Monday mornings from 10am to 1pm ( via zoom until January 2020).

                             Mental Health Safe space where mental health is not a taboo subject and Mental Health First Aid to support Chelmsford residents’ wellness.The Ideas Hub is  proud to be a safe space to support those with mental health challenges and is a  ‘Time to Change Champion’ with  volunteers trained as Mental Health First Aiders. Source:  

“Around 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem this year yet the shame and silence can be as bad as the mental health problem itself”.

Our volunteers are trained to:

  • Be aware of Mental Health
  • Notice signs of distress
  • Listen and not judge
  • Treat everyone the same way
  • Ask twice

Anyone can drop in at any time the Ideas Hub is open Monday to Saturday (9am-5.30pm) & Sunday (10.30am -4.30pm). It is a Safe Space to talk and share personal experiences if, for example, someone is experiencing a difficult moment whilst in town (such as anxiety, or a panic attack).

Anyone can  join the Ideas Hub’s Mental Health First Aid support team for group or 1:1 support. 

Many initiatives supported as a small group around a table have outgrown the Ideas hub and are now independent charities and/ or have flown the nest to become well established:

  1. Chelmsford History City Walks: chilling tales and heritage walks run by a local historian who is also now organising Open heritage days
  2. Chelmsford Art Trail
  3. Chelmsford Arts and Cultural Festival including the River festival
  4. Ignite Chelmsford: Chelmsford City Council Cultural Partnership
  5. Chelmsford Collective Creatives: a network of around  1000 artists which was started at the ideas Hub in 2016 with a group of 10 artists
  6. Artimate: a CIC providing Stop Motion Animation for young people
  7. Commissioning of Marconi Public Art
  8. Youth board games players group

Note: Chelmsford chosen as a finalist in the Academy of Urbanism Great Town Award 2018 as a successful Post-Industrial Town. This success was directly attributed to the exceptional and outstanding local community work with the Ideas Hub Chelmsford and Chelmsford Civic Society recognised as the main drivers of this work.

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