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An important part of wellbeing is having a career which fits your skills and interests. Ideas Hub Chelmsford wants to ensure the young people of Chelmsford have opportunities that will enable them to experience wellbeing throughout their lives. Ideas Hub Chelmsford raises money from grants to create STEAM projects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths).

Through our projects, young people find opportunities they may otherwise not have seen from an early age, acquire new and transferable skills, and develop knowledge and inspiration.



A key strength of the Ideas Hub is its close link to local artists, creatives and engineers. With storytellers, performers, digital artists, animators, historians and designers, the schools’ programme introduces teachers and young people to a wealth of professional experience available on their doorstep.

Ideas Hub Chelmsford is a partner of Chelmsford LCEP and will be running an Incubator Project ‘The Careers Museum’ to widen and encourage careers’ awareness and literacy in young people. It uses process drama techniques, particularly Mantle-of the-Expert and Teacher-in-Role to explore setting up a ‘Museum of Performance’. Pupils become experts tasked with finding out how performance works and how best to present their thoughts and ideas through high-quality displays, interactives, and text. The structure of the project is highly flexible and can be used to explore a range of careers.

What We Can do For You

  • If you have ideas for existing projects or a project that you’d like to explore with the Ideas Hub, please email adrian@ideashubchelmsford.org. We offer half-day or one-day workshops, CPD for teachers, and longer-term projects (See ‘Past Projects’ and ‘Resources’).
  • If you are looking for work experience or arty day visits for your pupils, please contact sofia@ideashubchelmsford.org

How We Do It

The Schools’ Outreach Project Coordinator will work closely with you to discuss and plan your project and its learning outcomes and will be your main point of contact throughout the course of the project.

End-of-Project Evaluation Reports, produced by the Learning Coordinator, can be a useful source of information for parents and Ofsted and support School Improvement Plans, providing compelling evidence of an enhanced school curriculum. Our projects support the Artsmark Award.

Schools we have worked with include Lawford Mead, Writtle Infant and Junior Schools, Parkwood Academy, Kings Road Primary School, and Trinity Road School.

“Can you thank your whole team for me – they are running another incredible project that is having a real impact on our children.”

- Head Teacher

“May I congratulate you on a superb finale. This has been a great educational event and – going by last evening’s turnout – an outstanding community experience”

- Chair of 2MT Group and Local Councillor.

Young People

Ideas Hub Chelmsford is passionate about providing inspiring, inclusive, and diverse, creative experiences for the young people in Chelmsford which they feel proud to add to their CV and to their personal statement if applying for university.

  • To join our art group on Saturdays, 2pm-4pm in Chelmsford City centre, please contact Jenni Flint at: artgroup@ideashubchelmsford.org
  • Take part in unmissable free events such as Young Artist of the Month Exhibition/ creative and career-focused workshops, and festivals. Explore new skills, unlock your creativity, and gain an insight into the creative industries. To find out more, check What’s On and/or email sofia@ideashubchelmsford.org


“I would just like to say how thankful Joe and I are of your support and great inspiration throughout the project. It has been a fantastic experience that I will always remember. Hope to see you in the future.”

- Dan?


Take part in our weekend and holiday events and workshops. The ever-changing programme encourages play, learning, and creativity. For more please check What’s On and/or email sofia@ideashubchelmsford.org


Past Projects

‘Crompton and Chelmsford Pioneers’ Light Parade (2022)

Light parade with Parkwood Academy and Kings Road Primary School – Supported by a £98,000 grant from National Lottery Heritage Fund

‘2MT’ Light Parade (2021)

Light Parade with Writtle Infant and Junior School – Supported by a £98,000 grant from the National Lottery Heritage Fund

Exploration of 100th Anniversary of Radio (2021)

A series of STEAM events and a parade celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Radio – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2B0vpixzNII

‘Chelmsford Lockdown and Future Hope’ Light Parade

Light parade with Kings Road Primary School and Writtle Junior School – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7Yz2gX7ypk – supported by a grant from the Ragdoll Foundation

Shellshock 1919-2019 (2020)

One hundred years of mental health: Summer project with 20 students who researched at the Essex Record Office, creating an animated film with music composed by Joseph Metcalf. The animated film was presented in their school assembly, and has been entered into the Harwich Film Festival – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJlnFbaLnc8 – supported by the National Lotteryy Heritage Fund

A Tree.Mend.Us Day (2020)

An animation about the environment created at a family day in partnership with Essex Book Festival – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJlnFbaLnc8


Ideas Hub Chelmsford offers resources that may be useful to you as a teacher/school.


BBC Micro:bit: are wonderful little microprocessors, easy to use and a great way to deliver STEAM activities or get pupils to develop an interest in coding through play.

Mental Health