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A sense of belonging and feeling part of a community is an important element of wellbeing. This is particularly true when living in a city as the ‘village’ structure is not there anymore, and one can easily become anonymous. One of the core missions of the Ideas hub Chelmsford is to bring people together using the arts as a tool and provide spaces for recreation.

The Art Place

This is a community space situated in the Meadows shopping centre. It includes a safe space dedicated to enabling people to come together through a range of workshops, talks, meets and more, and is the only purpose-designed community space in Chelmsford City Centre. This safe space supports the ethnically diverse and global communities of Chelmsford.

Festivals and Events

Ideas Hub Chelmsford works in partnership with a local organisation to provide inclusive arts events to bring the community together and support inclusivity.

Inclusivity and Diversity

The Ideas hub Chelmsford has supported over 40 nationalities. All our activities support inclusivity. We also provide specific support to provide safe space and empowerment. We conduct research to understand better our diverse communities.

Past Events

Ubuntu’s Day: Celebrating Diversity in our Community:

Chelmsford Light Parade 2018:

Chelmsford Light Parade 2019:

Chelmsford Arts and Culture Festival 2018:

100 Years of Votes for Women (In partnership with Essex Multicultural Network):

Rain Art Chelmsford (In partnership with Victoria Button):

Marconi’s Titanic Mural (In partnership with Victoria Button and Nick Hayden):