Welcome to the Ideas Hub!

The Ideas Hub is a wonderful venue that’s so much more than a usual café! We are providing a truly welcoming space where people from all backgrounds and walks of life can drink, dine, hang out, relax, socialise and network.
We’ve built our unique menu around the very best local homemade food and complemented by a wonderful home-blend coffee carefully sourced from two specific farms in Columbia and Brazil and locally roasted in the nearby village of Writtle!

Being a registered Art Centre enables us to look after the health and creativity of our local community by providing all ages with a wide range of exciting activities and events, and having a great knowledge of Chelmsford enables us to be a great point of information about local services, activities and events. Best of all, if enough of you ask for it and it doesn’t exist, you can count on our support to create it.

The Ideas Hub is defined by the people who contribute to it, and is as diverse as the community that supports it. There is always something going on, which is what makes the Ideas Hub such a unique and exciting community space. Everyone here is involved because they want to be – the best way to find out more is simply to drop in!